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Chapter 3

  • These things can’t be real. The doctor is gone but I’m not taking them. I’m not going with medications and I’m never gonna believe her.
  • “Why won’t you believe her?” she’s speaking to me again with her creepy face. Her hands touched my cheeks and she leaned closer. “You are a demon. You are a murderer.” Her whispers made me feel like my blood was on its boiling point. “See? You are angry!” she added and dodged my hand attempting to grip on her arm.
  • “I’m not,” I said with my face still stained with tears on both cheeks. I’m tired of crying anymore. Now, I’m angry and is daggering furious gazes on her.
  • “Yes you are.”
  • “I’m not!”
  • She laughed and laughed making me cover both of my ears and scream.
  • “Kayleen!” My parents came inside my room. I saw my brother too but he is hesitating to completely get inside and just watch from the door. I can still hear Shaira’s demonic laughs and it’s making my headache.
  • “You will get jailed, you are dangerous so why won’t you kill them too? So you can escape?” I can no longer see her but I can still hear her.
  • “NO!” I screamed once more, still covering my ears. When I opened my eyes, I saw her again in the drawer, taking the bloody knife out. The next thing I know is that I’m looking at my parent’s faces dreading Shaira. They can see her now. My brother attempted to run but he was caught easily and was stabbed so my dad tried to take the knife away but she’s way faster than him.
  • Since dad is hesitating to do anything to her, he is also stabbed easy. She did it again until my dad dropped dead on the floor.
  • “NO!” They can’t seem to hear my voice anymore. “Stop it Shaira! Stop it! Please!” Now I’m begging but I feel like just a wind passing by. No one can see me. My brother crawled on the stares trying to stop the bleeding by holding it with his other hand but she went to him taking some other weapon from the side.
  • I didn’t even know my room has those. She has a hammer with her and uses them to break my brother’s head. My mom was screaming and took some things to throw to Shaira.
  • I’m still screaming but I lost my voice. There’s no more sound that can be heard from me. Even how hard I try. She came to my mom and also stabbed her. Mom tried fighting back but she is just too expert at killing. She murdered my family.
  • I fell on my knees watching the blood spattered everywhere. My reflection on the mirror made me cry and scream. I’m all bathing their blood and holding the knife and hammer. I threw them away and cried even more until I was lying there curling with my knees.
  • Every happy memory I had with them came back to me.
  • My mom is a very sweet mother. Even how much I’ve grown, she is still there for me, supporting me at everything. She is the first person I run unto when I have a problem. My father too is the happiest go lucky dad which jokes around when I’m sad. That smile he always gives me is so contagious that I end up laughing with him. Lastly, my brother. He mocks me or teases me sometimes but I know he loves me.
  • Shaira killed them, she massacred my family.
  • “You know it’s not me,” she whispered in my ear. I pulled her hair until she was down on the ground. Slapping her hard only made me go awake.
  • One blink, she isn’t here anymore. It’s just me, hurting myself. I can’t stop crying trying not to scream more in frustration and depression. I can never accept everything that’s happening to me and my family. The pain is devouring me that I want to die too. The moment I crawled to reach for the knife I threw at the side, I saw her feet in front of me.
  • I didn’t lift my head and continued crawling ignoring her.
  • “Are you sure you wanna do that?” she asked when I finally got it with me. Tightly holding the knife with both of my hands, she wrapped her arm around my shoulder. “Are you sure, you’re not gonna kill me first?” Her whispering voice near my ear gave me chills dropping the knife.
  • My breathing is still not normal, my body shaking hard and heart is still aching.
  • “I’m gonna kill you!” I told her.
  • “Try me, I challenge you,” she said laughing. My eyes darkened while staring at her.
  • “I will kill you,” I repeated in a lower tone with a hint of threats.
  • “Remember what I am,” she said, disappearing again with a single blink. Her voice echoed through the air vanishing very slowly.
  • The doctor’s words came back to me. Now I think she is the only person I can run to now but she might be a traitor too. I need to run away far from here, find someone who can help me kill Shaira. A memory flashed through my eyes. It’s when I was still facing that doctor my parents brought here.
  • “I don’t understand anything!” I threw the torn paper away from me including the pen and cry even harder.
  • “Calm down Kayleen, a medication can help you. I can help you get rid of her.” I can still remember her exact words.
  • “What are you talking about? I’m not crazy! I don’t need doctors!” I insisted but she is still wearing her calm face. The warmth of her hands is the next thing I felt on mine.
  • “Kayleen, you have to understand your condition and cooperate. I know you are not crazy and I believe in you.”
  • “What the hell is she?” The voice that escaped from me is almost silent and no sound. Tears are still streaming down my eyes and the next things that she said broke me. I feel like my soul is crushed.
  • “Kayleen listened carefully, you and her are one. Shaira is your alter ego.”