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Chapter 9

  • They had never been to a nude beach before and there were very few people about on this one. Three couples were all they saw that first afternoon and the men all had one thing in common…they were not at all in control of their bodies and none had any symptoms of erectile dysfunction, none at all. Tracey enjoyed seeing this small sample of male appendages, struck by their diversity: one strongly curved upward toward the sky, another, swollen but hanging heavily, swinging back and forth as he walked past, the third, long and thin and rigidly pointing the way as he sauntered along. Interesting, she thought as she thought back to the other penises she'd seen when she was in college.
  • "How about we go look and see what's behind those sand dunes," Tracey asked Wes and then went over behind some to find just the right place for them to put their robes on the sand as Tracey got on her back to welcome her new husband as a new wife so wants to do, feeling him open her, then slide inward to begin their moving against one another sending out feelings that soon erupted in quite wonderful orgasms in the lowering afternoon sun.
  • They were unobserved that first day as they made love on the warm sand, slow, languid sex, so happy to be together in this new and committed way. They so enjoyed one another's bodies out in the open like that with the soft warm air moving across their bare skin with the soft sound of surf adding to their pleasure as they made sweet love to one another.
  • Wes and Tracey made love on that beach twice each day that they were there. What was different after than first afternoon, the day that they'd arrived, was that the next morning when they returned to that private beach, there were more people and most were having sex right on the beach wherever and whenever the mood struck. They looked at each other as they began walking by couples openly making love and decided that they, too, would choose a nice spot and do what their bodies were so driving them to do. No one seemed put off by the fucking and sucking going on there that morning and in the days that followed Wes and Tracey began to get quite comfortable having sex in public, for while the beach was private, there were now often twenty or thirty people there, many doing just whatever they felt like doing. Quite an arousing place to be. And just the memories that they both would take back with them as they moved on with their busy lives.
  • There were three restaurants in the resort where they stayed; a formal one, a bar-style cafe, and one that they were told has a 'relaxed dress code.' Wes asked what that meant and the concierge told them that men and women had to be dressed but what they wear can be revealing and diaphanous.
  • "Can they go topless?" he asked as Tracey stood there knowing what Wes would ask her to do once they were back in their room.
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