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Chapter 8

  • Then, one afternoon, when they got home from work, Wes handed Tracey a package.
  • "Oh, I know that look on your face, Wesley Jameson, this is something naughty, isn't it?" she asked him, now knowing her handsome fiancee so well.
  • "Open it and see," he told her and she got the package open and inside there were four soft plastic dildos.
  • "I've got dildos, hon, though they're not nearly as nice as the one you carry around," she said reaching over and gripping the rather obvious bulge in the front of his pants.
  • "I suppose you want us to go up and change and take some time doing it, right?" she asked knowing what his answer would be.
  • "That would be lovely," he told her as he followed her up the stairs to their bedroom. "Here, follow me," he said as he took the box from her hand and went into their bathroom. He went into their shower, it was an open one that easily fit them both, and he wet the suction cup and asked her to stand next to the tiled wall.
  • Looking her over he then pressed the bottom of the sex toy to the wall at just the right height for Tracey where it stuck out so seductively but it also elicited a laugh.
  • "Oh, my, a nice cock sticking out of the wall, how nice," she laughed as she watched him place a second one of the floor of the shower sticking straight up so suggestively. "And these are for me, just for practicing? Is that it?"
  • "For whatever you want, sweetie, and don't think that your fiancee might not want to watch."
  • Then she lifted the box asking, "What about these other two?"
  • "Those are for out by the pool," he told her as a grin broke out on her face. "For whenever you might feel like it?" he told her.
  • "Well, it's not totally fair because there just aren't that many things like this for guys that I can get for you," she offered.
  • "Sure, okay, but these are for you, sweetie, enjoy," he told her and they began changing clothes, getting into more comfortable attire. But, lovers are lovers and when Tracey was down to her bra and panties, Wes came to her and took her naked and they went to bed. That was how Tracey and Wes were: serious, hard-working, devoted and truly in love and lust with one another.
  • Did she try these new toys?
  • Oh, they became favorites, especially when Wes might travel for a few days, in the shower or out by the pool, she would have her pussy happily impaled on one of them as she waited for his return. She especially loved the ones that were suctioned to the floor; she would slide herself up and down, her fingers pinching her nipples, dreaming it was Wes beneath her filling her with his own cock. Then she would make sweet love or passionate love to it, depending on her state of arousal, even sometimes starting out one way and ending another as she ground down, pushing hard, twisting on it, bringing herself to orgasm. And when he did return home, she was ready for him, oh, yes, she was, very ready.
  • They each started out liking sex right from the first time they'd each had it. That happened to both of them in high school, Tracey as a senior, just turned eighteen, with the brother of her best friend; he was older and she'd had a crush on him since sixth grade.
  • She'd told her best friend about how she's been captivated by her brother for years and she asked Tracey if she wanted sex with him. Simple as that. She said yes and her friend went and told her brother, then sent Tracey down the hall for her first time ever. As good as it was, what she and Wes now had was so much better. Their relationship was built of many things but a major one was their physical side, they just loved sex with each other and both encouraged it more and better.
  • For Wes, it was his senior year as well with a girl in his French class, one that invited him over to study, she said. Mostly they studied one another's bodies that first time and many, many times since. She went to the Sorbonne after high school and they each went on to others as so often happens.
  • Of course, there are many other aspects to Wes and Tracey and one major event was their wedding.
  • It was a private affair, close friends and family and they left for a one week honeymoon to the Yucatan Peninsula to a resort that was just enough out of the mainstream to provide them with sufficient 'alone-time' for these newlyweds to enjoy their new, official union. It hadn't been mentioned in any of the online information about the resort but after they arrived, they were told where a private beach was that was not only nude but, let's say, open to just about whatever you wished to do once you got naked.
  • They had hardly gotten to their room before Tracey asked her new husband, "How about we go check out this private beach, maybe consummate our marriage out on the sand with the sound of the waves coming in?"
  • Wes grinned at his naughty wife and began undressing her. They changed into light robes, tied chastely about their middles, though Wes's did reveal to the world around him just what he was thinking as they went through the lobby and out past the pool area and onto the beach. They turned right and walked until they saw the sign marked, 'Playa Privada,' where they both removed their robes and strolled hand in hand down the beach.
  • "This is fun, even nicer than home out by the pool," Wes told his new bride and she agreed that it was nice, very nice.