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Chapter 7

  • The company, near December that year, passed a big milestone, a total sales milestone that Wes had never even dreamed of in his early years. There went the old Honda as a new Lexus entered his garage and he also made one other decision, one far more important than simply an automobile. He chose a wife.
  • He waited until a Saturday night, they were at their favorite restaurant, she was no longer waitressing, that had gone months before. They had been seated off in a corner which Tracey thought a bit odd but when the waiter came with the menus and wine list; Wes told him to bring them a particular bottle of French Champagne, a Moet and Chandon Dom Perignon. Now, Tracey wasn't a member of a fancy wine club but she instantly knew that something was up, this was sounding like a very expensive bottle of wine.
  • "What's up with the Champagne, Wes?" she asked as her hand slipped across the table to his.
  • "Oh, just wanted to try it. Somebody told me it was really good. You like Champagne, right?" he asked already knowing her answer.
  • "Sure, I love it, it just seems a bit unusual, you don't often order Champagne to start with. In fact it's a first, right?"
  • "Yeah, I guess it is," he answered, leaving her question unanswered as his eyes looked over the menu. They each studied the entrees for a few minutes, casually discussing the various dishes, what sounded good, what didn't. Then the wine steward brought the bottle and glasses.
  • She knew for certain now that this was a special bottle of Champagne, the label was shield-shaped and very old-fashioned looking. The steward presented the bottle to Wes, he nodded and the cork was popped with just the right pop, a small one, the sommelier knew what he was doing. He placed the cork down, then poured a bit for Wes, got the nod, then poured each glass to just the right height, then, also knowing what he was doing, he left them alone.
  • Wes lifted his glass, the tiny bubbles glinting in the soft lights of the dark-paneled dining room, and toasted, clinking their flutes together, "Here's to us and a toast to the one I hope will become my wife. I love you."
  • Had she ever thought about marriage? Perhaps there are women who never consider such a move but Tracey wasn't one of them; no, she'd thought about them becoming officially, legally united, it just seemed natural to do so at this stage.
  • "Oh, Wes," she said softly, her eyes filling, "you've…yes, yes, I want us to be together, I want to be your wife." 
  • He raised up off his chair, leaning over, then kissed her as her hand pulled his head to hers. Then they sat back down knowing a giant step had just been taken.
  • As you can imagine, the talk for the rest of their evening had nothing to do with business or school or paying the bills or what to have for supper the next evening. They talked about what any couple would talk about under the circumstances — their future together. It was a meal they would each always remember.
  • Wes kept buying her sex toys, it was fun to look for them all over on the Internet, seeing the almost infinite variety of designs, then watching the mystery and delight opening the package gave to Tracey as she pulled them out of the box. He always tried each new toy on her as they lay head-to-toe from each other with her leg raised as he tried each new device. And, for Wes, being there alongside Tracey, she was perfectly positioned to take his cock in her mouth, loving him until his warm cum spurted into the back of her throat as she felt him throb between her lips.
  • She was now nearing the end of her education, they had announced their engagement and their wedding was set for the week after her graduation.
  • Her contribution to Wes's company became greater as the months went by and her efforts were getting them known better by more prospective customers than Wes had ever hoped. They now had eighteen employees and were advertising for four more, that was how good business had become.
  • They had decided that they were making enough money now that they could go out and buy a house to live in and that was what now occupied much of their weekends. That's not to say that they quit having sex, oh, no, that never varied, their desire for one another never flagged, they both made sure of that.
  • There was some initial reluctance on the part of the mortgage lenders, however, since Wes was basically self-employed in their eyes. They also cast a doubtful eye on the fact that Tracey's income came from her future husband. He had to supply quite a few years worth of financial statements and personal tax returns before they would approve him for a loan. But they did and Wes and Tracey did find the perfect house for them – a nice, three-bedroom ranch with an in-ground pool in the back.
  • The pool was shaded nicely and there was only one spot where any neighbors might see the pool so they had a privacy screen put up so they could sun and fun just as much as they wanted in the manner they wanted. They both, over the summer, developed all-over tans and had a two-person sunning bed that they did a lot more on than take in the sun's rays. Tracey often took Wes's body into hers as the slowly fucked out in the warm sun to the delight of them both and their lovemaking out by the pool and, sometimes in the pool, became a cherished part of their life together.