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Chapter 67

  • "That's what he wanted to talk about. It's just an initial inquiry, nothing more than that. But, as of right now, only you and I and Driggers are in on it. He knows I'm telling you about it, after all, you're half-owner of my share; we control the majority of the business."
  • "Does that mean we'll be out? Out of the company?"
  • "No, nothing like that. He would like to see me and you, if you like, stay at least a year to help with the transition, maybe permanently, if that's what we wanted. He really doesn't want to change anything; he wanted everyone to stay on; he's perfectly happy with the way the company is currently managed and he would leave that up to us. Honestly, I might want to continue on. But I could see that maybe you might like just taking care of me and the baby? It might be just the thing to transition into?"
  • "So why does he want to buy it?" Tracey asked as I saw her worried look.
  • "He said we have become do key and so important now to his own business's success that he wants the companies together if at all possible. He knows we would have to agree with everything. He made a good case. He would want to keep our operation as it is to keep the rest of the current customers but we also know that he is the biggest of our current customers. And we have a firm lead ahead out competitors, he and I agree that we should be able to keep things growing the way they have been," he told Tracey trying not to leave anything out that they had discussed at lunch.
  • "Wow, this seems right out of the blue, what do you think?" she asked him as they left the freeway nearing their home.
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