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Chapter 66

  • Their amazing week seemed to fly by as they so often do when you're so completely caught up in what is happening to you and around you. The place Tracey had chosen was amazing, they both agreed, and they both wanted to come back. That seemed to be a nearly universal agreement among the people they talked to at The Mineral Springs Spa that week. They were all naked and in agreement: this was the place for passionate and open lovers to love passionately and openly.
  • It seemed strange getting dressed to leave and go to the airport. They each felt the tug both ways: to stay in this carnal cocoon of pleasure sheltered away from the world and the definite pull back to real life and business and all that it holds. But this is how life flows for most of us and they knew they needed to get back to the real world.
  • These new and highly-erotic memories were with them far more than any other getaway they'd ever taken; after all, this was a place that was not only permissive but, oh, so encouraging to expressing your love and desire and lust for one another in nearly any way you felt the urge. But it was back to the world and its clothes and conformity, quite a change from their seven days away.
  • The business was going well, still growing though at a slower pace now that they were a leader in their field, now with nearly two hundred employees. It was still privately-held and Wes and Tracey remained the majority shareholders even though there was an employee incentive program which paid in the form of company shares.
  • It wasn't long after Wes and Tracey returned home that she began feeling the signs she recognized immediately as pregnancy and, even before buying a test kit, told Wes. They celebrated in their most favorite way with a romantic dinner at their favorite French restaurant reminiscing back to their engagement but, this time, without the Champagne or wine. On the way home, they stopped at a drug store to buy the tester and, later, when the word, 'Pregnant', appeared in the small window they jumped into one another's arms.
  • They capped this wonderful evening with slow, slow lovemaking, happy lovemaking, contented lovemaking; then the three of them fell blissfully asleep. They were already thinking of themselves as a family.
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