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Chapter 65

  • She was back on her shoulders with him kneeling between her legs which were up over his shoulders pulling her hips up off the bed as he slowly moved straight down into her over and over, pushing his cock into her hard while she wiggled under him as he held himself deep inside. They certainly had an audience but they were lost to one another in their passion of the moment. A look around the room saw others having what would normally be bedroom fun but in this permissive place was happily happening all around for all to see and to enjoy.
  • "You do feel different; that pill's doing something and I'm sure getting eager to see what it feels like. They look like they're getting closer to being over," Tracey said nodding to the couple slowly fucking on the bed.
  • A man came over to ask Tracey to dance and she told him she was busy at the moment, nodding to her hand slowly rising and falling on Wes's happy cock and the man then asked Kelly who went off to the dance floor.
  • "I can't believe that I'm enjoying seeing Kelly naked in a naked man's arms, keeping a grip on his cock like that. I know she must be loving it and I'm soon gonna be the beneficiary of all that horniness she's building up. I can't wait," Michael told them. "We sometimes read erotic stories to one another and that's pretty arousing but nothing, I mean, nothing like this."
  • About then, the woman on the bed began humping up at her mate, groaning loudly as her legs flew straight up with him thrusting hard into her as their union consummated to the delight and applause of all their onlookers.
  • "When Kelly gets back, then how about us all getting up there and doing it?" Michael asked Tracey and Wes and they eagerly agreed. They were all four ready, after all, they'd had nothing but intense arousal and both husbands were swollen and throbbing from that innocent-looking little blue pill they'd taken earlier.
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