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Chapter 63

  • "I don't think it was all that much bigger but it felt, well, like invincible, like it could take on," then he laughed, "well, the Dallas Cheerleaders. Every one of them."
  • "But he had me which was nice for me and he just went to it, even pulling it completely out and driving it back in, over and over and over. Oh, let me tell you, it was the stuff of porn flicks. He kept going and going, got me through two huge orgasms. Thank god it was summer and the AC was on and the windows were closed."
  • "She's right about that. Kelly screamed like crazy on the first one and when I kept going, just going at her, when she went off the second time, it sounded like the shower scene from Psycho."
  • "No exaggeration. I totally lost control, slid down on my belly, he went down with me and just kept going."
  • "Right, I finally got a cramp in my thigh and had to pull out. She didn't know it but I was intending to keep going. I was on my stomach and she was massaging my thigh and when I rolled back over, she started laughing."
  • "Did I ever. He looked like he hadn't had sex in weeks. Straight up and ready for action. I took it in my hand and squeezed asking him if he wanted more. He did, he said he wanted me to do him from on top. Can you believe it?"
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