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Chapter 62

  • Tracey put on a silver necklace of large, silver dollar-sized disks that hung below her breasts along with a dainty silver chain around her waist with a dragonfly pendant just over her plump labia.
  • "Here, these are for you, for tonight," she said handing Wes a pair of open-crotch black briefs and a different penis ring, this one in clear hard plastic. He held it up and she said, "It's that kind that glows neon-green in the black light they have in the disco. I can't wait to see you light-up. Every eye will be on it. Here, let me put it on," she teased.
  • She knelt down and took his cock in her mouth to suck for a minute, then when he was rigid and slippery wet, she slid it on down to the base, kissed the crown and stood up admiring her husband's handsome cock. He slipped on the tight black briefs and stood there, his erection firmly out the front.
  • "Now, that's nice. When I saw these online, I just knew I had to get you some. I brought several colors with me. And I love the ring, wait until it glows, you'll stand out for sure," she chortled.
  • "You always have such great ideas, Tracey, every time," he told her as they embraced, kissed, then went out the French doors, around the pool to where the music was.
  • It was dark outside so their eyes had adjusted to the dim lights of the disco reflections covering every surface. They looked around for Michael and Kelly but didn't see them so they took a table near the big round bed that they'd all planned on using later in the evening and were soon were sipping Margaritas when their friends came over and joined them.
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