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Chapter 61

  • "Does it really work? Is it good," the blond asked, obviously interested in what they were doing.
  • "Oh, it works quite well, we've been having great fun with it," Wes said looping the disk around. "Just watch their faces. Tell them how it feels, ladies," Wes added.
  • "It's just crazy having someone else controlling it, let them try it, Michael," Kelly said and he handed the disk to the man who began swatting it around like a tennis racket. "You can feel it inside?"
  • "Oh, you wouldn't believe, oh, yes, I can feel every movement you make."
  • "And it gives you an orgasm?" the blond wanted to know.
  • "It sure does. I can't wait to try it tonight in the disco. I'll let everyone pass it around trying to get me off," Kelly said, obviously a great devotee of the new device.
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