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Chapter 60

  • "I can't believe I'm doing this from over here on the next lounge bed, this is awesome," Kelly gushed as she continued pleasuring her new friend.
  • "Ooh, uuh, umm, mmm, oh, yeah, so good," Tracey cried out as she felt like her whole body was melting into a quivering pool, like warm, dark chocolate spreading over her, slowly engulfing her in a deep sense of ecstasy. And the little oval eggs kept throbbing and humming deep inside as they each kept pleasuring of the other.
  • "Oh, I'm close, I'm next, just keep it going," Kelly moaned as her head fell back and her hand went down to rub in the wetness of her arousal. She quickly found her little hot button waiting for her to help bring herself off. Her fingertip gently circled her clit while deeper inside, Tracey, sitting ten feet away, was in control, literally, of her orgasmic destiny. What a clever device, indeed, to make it so easy for consenting adults to spread joy so wonderfully and easily.
  • And it was quickly spreading outward from the little vibrating, pulsing egg that Tracey was controlling from the remote she held in her hand. Kelly rubbed faster as her body left her control, now shaking, jerking, stretched out, legs stiff and extended as her whole body seemed to come apart, now flooded with a blinding euphoria that swept across her so deliciously. Her whole field of vision turned spectacularly white and, for a second or two, she even felt faint.
  • "Oh, uuh, umm, mmm, oh, you can stop now, Tracey, let me just enjoy this now, just lay here and enjoy it all," she said softly as her fingers took a few more rubs.
  • "You two were beautiful to watch," Wes said. "Those new toys are something else. I think Michael and I should get a chance to use them on you, too, you know."
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