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Chapter 6

  • "Oh, I'm learning so much, so it goes like this?" he asked as he dropped it down between her legs. She nodded and he pressed the larger tip against her expectant crevice, slowly pushing it as he moved it along and she immediately closed her eyes as the zinging feeling spread up through her body. He pressed it there, the first one of these he'd really ever held though every girl and woman he'd ever been with had her own collection, some with just one or two, a few others with more. But they'd had somehow just never shared them with Wes, he knew of such things, just had never used one himself. Until now.
  • "In, Wes, put it in, fuck me with it, I want it so bad," she moaned softly as he eased it deeper into her and she felt the pulsing become more intense as her hand went down to grip his cock. He knew enough that he positioned the smaller tip right where Tracey so loved his tongue's caresses and when he touched it down, her body twitched and he heard a soft groan; he was liking this but she was liking it even more.
  • "Maybe you don't even need me anymore, huh?" he asked grinning down at her as he moved the wand a little, seeing her reaction, enjoying this new way of pleasing the wonderful woman he so loved. He began moving it, turning a bit, sliding in and out a little, greatly enjoying this new way of making his wonderful Tracey happy.
  • "Mmm, oh, right there, push the little side down. Oh, right there, yes, yes," she groaned as he pleasured her. Her breaths were heavy, huffing now as he pressed the little head down over her clit as she began to tremble, then seemed to explode in a cry of euphoria as she was once again rewarded for being a woman. It felt as though her body had melted.
  • "Wow, these things really do work, huh?" Wes asked her in amazement at the little battery-operated wand. Perhaps most men don't know the power of a pair of small batteries but most women do. They may not be able to light up the world but they can surely light up the woman.
  • "Mmm, yes, whoever designed that knew what they were doing," she said softly, still floating up in the clouds somewhere.
  • "Mine doesn't have any batteries but would you like to try it?" he whispered in her ear as she laughed and opened to him. He moved into her with ease, she was so ready for him, and she began to feel exactly why her little collection of toys now stayed in the drawer most of the time. He was wonderful, she thought as she moved her legs up around his back, locking her ankles together, keeping him close as the length of his cock filled her, then emptied her so lusciously under him.
  • Their lovemaking was everything she wanted that night and, after making love twice more, once doggie-style, he went back into that drawerful of toys and used every one on her, seven in all. She was so glad it was a weekend, he let her sleep late, not getting up until almost ten. But, oh, so happy when she did.
  • She came out and Wes had the newspaper spread out on the table, working the Sunday crossword. While she got her cereal, she was still naked from bed as was he, she saw that the edge of the newspaper began to lift.
  • "You're quite amazing how you can levitate the newspaper. Or is that a gun in your pocket?" she laughed.
  • He pulled the newspaper aside and showed her that he was unarmed but ready for action. She sat next to him, eating her cereal, helping him with the puzzle and playing with his cock, now one of her most favorite things. It was one of Wes's favorite things as well. Especially when she was pleasuring it like she was.
  • Once Wes filled in the last squares of the puzzle, she gave him a squeeze, saying, "Let's go shower, then go back to bed for the rest of the morning. After last night with you foraging through my drawer, I think I want some more of that," and they stood up and went to shower in her smaller bathroom but seemed to make do quite nicely.
  • The rest of their Sunday was intimately spent together as the lovers they were.
  • Tracey had cut back on her waitressing when Wes offered her a part-time position helping him put together a marketing plan and for her to initiate some new company literature and advertising.
  • At the office, Wes and Tracey were quite business-like, after all, they both realized it was their future, they both not only thought that way, they now talked that way to one another. They were committed to a future together and, in a major way, their future was the future of the business Wes had started five years earlier.
  • They did move Tracey into Wes's house, they were now living together, sharing the chores, including cooking, which Tracey was slowly instructing Wes in the basics of living off what you cook yourself. It's a long and tedious lesson for so many men as but Wes was getting better, now preparing two meals or so each week. Presents were now being shared between the two with Wes eagerly shopping online for sex toys and such to present to his sexy girlfriend and she was ordering in lingerie and underwear for them both: fun, skimpy things with cutouts for the more erotic body parts for her, some sexy thongs for him that held him so erotically in the cup in front, even one where it exposed his cock through a short 'turtleneck.' She just loved him to wear that one and always got the little neck wet with her saliva before she was finished. Yes, they worked hard but had fun, too.