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Chapter 58

  • They slept until they were refreshed. As they both slowly woke, there was no rush, no haste, they just wanted to remain together in bed, happy in the feelings they still had after such a night together. Their hands did roam a bit while they kissed each other awake but their passion was softer, more gentle, calmer, as they stayed together that morning just enjoying each other and the memories from last night.
  • Wes got up and went out to get them coffee and a few bagels, his with cream cheese, hers also with grape jelly, the way she liked them, and brought it all back to their room where they lazed together still awash in the feelings from the night before.
  • "That was quite a show we put on last night," she said smiling her girlish smile at him.
  • "We put on? Oh, hon, I just lay there on my back, you put on the show, not me, you were magnificent."
  • Tracey laughed, leaning on her side, her elbow propping her up, "I guess I did, huh. I just don't think I've ever been so aroused in all my life. That dancing was so deeply erotic. In a way even more than if Michael and I had gone all the way. I think it was that we weren't going any farther but our bodies were so, um, together, rubbing, sliding over each other, touching like that. It seemed so intimate. Was it that way with you and Kelly?"
  • It can be dangerous ground for a husband to tell his wife how sexually-excited another woman has made him but they both felt a sense of openness and wanted to talk about their experience.
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