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Chapter 57

  • "It sure is sexy for sure," Wes agreed as he moved his hips closer making their dancing even sexier as their middles slipped so erotically one past the other, his cock rubbing delightfully across her middle. There was no question that their arousal was headed upward.
  • Tracey, too, in Michael's arms, their bodies in such intimate contact, was knowing that she had never wanted Wes more in her life, that this naked dancing with another woman's husband was giving her a frenzy of passion and arousal that she simply had to satisfy and she knew then that she would be taking Wes to the bed they were dancing around just as soon as the music stopped. The four danced through two slow numbers, their bodies erotically sliding against each other and when the music stopped, Tracey and Michael stopped, parted, and Tracey took Wes and told him she was ready for them to take a turn on the bed entertaining themselves and the others.
  • "We're going to bed," she said to Kelly, pointing to the now-empty round bed. "There's room for you two as well, we can show them how it's done. I am so ready after that," she gasped and pulled Wes to the bed and got up over him as she squatted, pressing down, taking his cock in where she so wanted to have him. Tracey was so lost in her own frenzied arousal that she was hardly aware of anyone else in the room, even Kelly and Michael who were now on the bed as well.
  • Most eyes were on the two couples as Kelly and Tracey rose and fell over their men, taking them in, then rising up, often in unison, often in tempo with the music. The two women were now lightly glazed with perspiration and the rotating lights bouncing from the hundred of mirrors made their excited bodies sparkle and glisten.
  • Tracey's fingers were woven into Wes's as she moved over him, coupled together so intimately and publicly as her body slid up and down. She looked to her right at Kelly, similarly occupied in openly making erotic love to her husband as they were being so admired by all the onlookers while the entire room was enjoying their own fun. One woman was sitting in her partner's lap slowly twisting her hips back and forth, obviously filled with him, while another man pushed up into his partner, fucking her, pressed up against the wall of the room while he held her leg up in the crook of his arm. There was heat and passion everywhere but, especially on the bed, as Tracey and Wes and Michael and Kelly abandoned themselves to their carnal desires which had been so inflamed on the dance floor.
  • Some couples in the room were so delighted by their synchronized lovemaking on the bed that they were matching their own motions to Kelly and Tracey's as they moved up and down. Several hands rose and fell with them as everyone in the room was engaged in some kind of intimacy being caught up in the lusty atmosphere of The Mineral Springs Spa that warm summer night. The Romans may have had their own orgiastic bacchanals but the carnal desires of humankind carried on right to that steamy disco filled with modern-day naked bacchantes.
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