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Chapter 56

  • We know it isn't the first time Tracey and Wes have danced skin-to-skin but this time it was in public, certainly a consenting and eagerly-supportive public, and they both loved not just the sensuous contact but the friction, the movement, the rubbing, as they glided around the dance floor. There was no question that Wes was enjoying it, that would be evident to all once the music stopped and they pulled apart.
  • "I feel like all the eyes in this place are on me, Wes," she said as they moved along the dance floor. His left hand held her right, his right hand held her left buttocks. Her left hand was moving as they danced, sometimes on his shoulder, some sometimes lower down.
  • "Is it bothering you?"
  • "It's like it's two different things. I feel a little exposed and funny about dancing naked like this which is weird because we've made love in front of most of these people, but I also feel turned-on by it all. Crazy, huh?"
  • "Oh, no, I don't think so, I imagine most of the people here feel the same way. And, it seems the more you're exposed to this, and I really mean exposed, the easier it becomes. Remember on our honeymoon when we went naked the first time?"
  • "Do I ever, yes, I still do. I was terrified. All I could think about was my mother walking around the corner and her jaw dropping to the floor," she laughed as the music ended and a fast samba began. They moved back to their table as their friends returned as well.
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