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Chapter 55

  • They all four stayed there until after four then went for a hot tub soak. There was already another couple in the water and they were quite occupied sitting in the water face-to-face as she kept moving over her mate. But there was room for Wes and Tracey and their new friends and they enjoyed the warm, swirling water though perhaps not as much as the third couple. Then our four were off to their rooms to shower and get ready for later.
  • Wes and Tracey had ordered food to be delivered from a nearby Mexican restaurant and ate in their room as they talked about how different this place was from the others.
  • "I'm sure glad we've been to the other places before this. It would be quite a lot to wrap your mind around if this was the first clothing-optional place you'd ever been," Tracey told her husband.
  • "Oh, I'll say. Nudity is one thing, I guess lots of people do it but the sex, the open sex, just doing it when and where you feel like it, letting people watch; that's not the norm for sure."
  • "I know but here it is and it's sure pretty hot to watch, too. A place like this sure keeps you aroused," she told him and his hand reached to her breast in agreement. "Might take us some time to get back to normal after we're back home. We'll have to behave around the office, Mister Jameson, sir. No messing with the help," she laughed. "But while we're here, mess with the help all you want," she said sweetly as they leaned into each other for a little fun messing about. They were meeting Kelly and Michael at the disco room at eight-thirty which gave them plenty of time for play so they lounged about on their bed just having fun together.
  • As the time neared, they got dressed, Tracey in a delicate gold nipple necklace that dangled a rhinestone heart pendant below her breasts. She let Wes put it on her, slipping the little gold hoops over each nipple, then he fastened the matching belly chain around her waist and she was ready for an evening of dancing.
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