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Chapter 54

  • Then she handed the bottle to Kelly who held it high over Michael to let it drip slowly splattering along his shaft then both women began their slow contest to the finish, hoping it would be a spectacular one indeed.
  • They were both doing what many wives do for their husbands but they were doing it in front of each other and in view of many of the others out by the pool or walking around that afternoon. It was languid and unrushed, just a leisurely pleasuring of one's mate that they were lovingly tendering to their husbands who were soon in their own sensual paradise. Tracey and Kelly were kneeling between their lover's legs, their slippery hands caressing their cocks so seductively.
  • The women would take occasional glances at each other, smile, and, then, vary the technique. They were each interested in how the other was masturbating their man and were taking leads from one another. When Tracey began pressing her palm down over Wes's crown and rubbing circles, Kelly began doing it to Michael. Then, after a few minutes Kelly's fingers were holding Michael while her thumbs rubbed that wondrous place right beneath the tip. Both husbands were in nirvana.
  • As time went on, there were more eyes on the two couples, after all, such fun usually only lasted five, perhaps, ten minutes and when it went on past twenty, then thirty minutes, people were drawn in. And it inspired Tracey and Kelly to try new things, twisting around the tip, various two-handed moves, just whatever they could think of, always keeping it slow, measuring the pace.
  • "You two sure are making it last," one man said to them, his interest in the proceedings obvious to all who could see him from the front, especially as he did a little manual self-pleasuring while he stood there. 
  • "We want to see the finish, you guys must be feeling pretty good," one of the women said as she slowly moved her hand over the man standing next to her while they watched.
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