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Chapter 53

  • One of the most beautiful sights in the world is a passionate couple right at the moment of their sexual release and for Kelly and Michael, at that instant, their universe only consisted of the two of them, no one else. But that soon drifted back to their realization that they had another couple witness their intimate union. Indeed, Wes and Tracey were quite moved by their new friends and were now inspired to bring their own bodies together.
  • Tracey moved up onto her hands and knees; Wes knew what she was wanting and he positioned himself to please her, getting up behind and, holding her slim hips in his hands, touched her, then began pressing in, sliding forward until they were tight together.
  • "Mmm," she moaned softly as he filled her with his cock and his love for her. Once deep, he held himself still, kneeling there, connected so wondrously as he felt her clenching her muscles around him, welcoming him, letting him know she wanted him. It was Tracey that began moving, slowly swaying back and forth while Kelly and Michael followed her every move. They had just made love but watching Tracey fill, then empty, as she slowly rocked on her husband's swollen span, it was stirring up their passions again.
  • Kelly and Michael had a perfect view of their friend's union, Wesley's shaft wetly glistening in the declining sunlight as Tracey made slow, lazy love to her man in this sensual lover's paradise. Wes moved his hand under to rub where she always loved his fingers when he was behind her like this and he loved it, too because he could also feel with his fingers right where they slid past one another. It felt so nice that he dropped his other hand down to rub on each side in her slippery wetness.
  • "Mmm, you're making me feel so good," she said back to him as she kept moving, now turning her hips around as she went back and forth while he arched into her. Then she looked over at their new friends whose hands were busy with one another while their eyes were on Tracey and Wes.
  • "You two are so beautiful together like this. It's really a privilege to watch you," Michael said.
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