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Chapter 52

  • "We're from Canada and wanted to get away from the snow and ice and have some real adult fun. This is our first time here, how about you two?" Ray asked.
  • "Yeah, it's cold at home as well, maybe not like Canada but, still, we like to take a break like this and we've gone to some clothing-optional places but, well, this is certainly beyond that; as you can see," Wes told them nodding to a couple making love in the shade across the pool.
  • "Yes, that's really what sold us. We're in the lifestyle at home and we were wondering if you two might be as well," Emiko asked.
  • It was Tracey that answered, "No, we're just happy with each other but we also don't have anything against people who want to swap around and do things like that. It's just not our thing."
  • "No, we understand, that's fine, too. We just wondered. But, we'll not ask again, we always let people be themselves."
  • The four talked a few minutes more and then Wes and Tracey went to use the sauna and, entering the paneled room, there were two other couples already there. All were quickly introduced and a conversation was struck with one couple while the other was busily engaged in heating up the room even further with them sitting face to face, her on his lap rising and falling keeping no secret of their amorous lovemaking.
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