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Chapter 50

  • So, Tracey told Wes that she'd found them a nice and naughty getaway for a week and asked him if he wanted to look over what she'd chosen.
  • "I trust you, Tracey, and I know what you like and dislike and, if you want to go there, I'm in." It was as simple as that and she went and made reservations.
  • Of course it was not the first nude resort they had gone to, that initial acclimation was long over. They were functionally nudists at home, that being their preferred dress or undress around the house and out by the pool. They each had whole-body tans and often made love in the warm afternoons on weekends after they'd done those other things that always seemed to need doing. Wes never asked where they were going, he trusted Tracey that much and, well, surprises were their own erotic fuel, weren't they?
  • Meanwhile, Tracey had made their reservations at the resort along with the airline flights to and from and told Wes to mark his calendar but he never asked her any more about it.
  • When the day came, they were up early and at the airport as she handed him his ticket while they were getting out of the cab. They checked their bags outside as Wes saw that they were headed to Los Angeles.
  • "LA, huh? Just to show you how much I trust you, I won't even ask where we'll be staying. But I wouldn't have guessed we'd be going to Los Angeles. Not ever. Is there another leg to the flight that you haven't shown me yet?"
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