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Chapter 5

  • Like so many couples before them, Wes and Tracey had become more comfortable with each other, especially sexually. Each month they were together eased any remaining reticence as they enjoyed the increasing freedom and intimacy they were feeling.
  • They took turns undressing each other, Wes going first, he just loved those full, round breasts as he uncovered them, sweeping her bra down her outstretched arms. Every time he brought them out into the open he had to stand and look down at them. They were perfect, he thought, so smooth and curved, even pointing up a bit, eager for his eyes. Tracey's nipples were soft pink, wide and smooth with centers that just hungered for Wes's lips. She often pinched them softly when they were apart to remind her of his little nibbles. His fingertips took them and rolled them as her hand went down to hold his swelling cock.
  • He turned so he could sit on the bed, then took one of those hard nipples in his mouth to suck and caress with his lips and tongue while his hand circled the other. Her eyes were closed as she savored the feelings spreading across her body, every pull of his lips sending love notes to her tingling pussy, taking her higher and higher.
  • "Mmm, I love what you do to me, you make me feel so wanted, so desired," she murmured as her left hand stroked his cheek as he sucked her nipple.
  • His hands were now on her skirt, getting it off as his fingers traced the damp crevice along the front of her panties that made his heart go faster. He pulled them to the floor then leaned forward and kissed her slit, tonguing along the crease adding his mouth's own wetness to hers. She pulled him up, her hands pulling his shirt up and off, now working quickly with his belt and trousers, getting them off with his shoes and socks. Then, finally, his boxers came down as she moved forward, taking his hard, ready cock between her lips, pulling on him so passionately. Her head bobbed back and forth on him as she gripped his hips, she knew she wanted to give him pleasure, she wanted it in so many ways.
  • After a few minutes, she moved back off him, let his cock fall, looking up, saying, "I can't wait," and scooted up on the bed. "Oh, Wes," she moaned knowing she wanted more, as she leaned back and opened her yearning pussy to his loving mouth and tongue. Her lover knew her intimate landscape, just where she loved him loving her and he took his time, his tongue caressing those most sensitive lips, especially teasing her love button, making her squirm and groan in such delicious pleasure.
  • "Oh, yes, right there, just like that, mmm," she moaned as he softly sucked and licked, driving her wild. "Yes, oh, uhh, uuh," she cried out as her hips bucked against him as wave after wave of exquisite joy moved outward from that little, almost insignificant-looking little bump. Oh, but how powerful a clit really was…women know, they know so well.
  • "Up here, Wes, yes, I want you so much, fuck me, I can't wait, I want you so much," she panted as he rose up, grinning at her, his cock throbbing with is desire for her, leaning forward to kiss her with his lips wet with herself as his hand held his cock steady as his hips led what she so wanted right up between her legs to press in, uniting themselves again in passion and love as he moved further inside her as she widened for him.
  • There are many ways, of course, for a man and a woman to express their love and fondness and passion for each other. And Wes and Tracey used a great many of them but, like for so many, the most intimate expression of love and passion happens when their bodies link together in the beautiful act of mating, sliding their wondrous male and female parts, so wonderfully made for one another, together for pleasure and joy and commitment. And its culmination, the orgasm, it is unity; certainly we all know what a marvel that is, that release of joy one gives the other. His hips were moving his throbbing cock in and out of her upturned pussy as she shifted under him relishing every movement as he slid back and forth inside her sending wave after wave of pleasure throughout them both.
  • "Mmm, I love you so much," he whispered in her ear as he leaned close.
  • "Yes, I love you, too, with all my heart," she murmured as his lips met hers so softly, so sweetly. Their time together that night was stellar for now they each knew they wanted to be together with a degree of permanence that was new; new and leading them to an ever-greater level of commitment to each another and to themselves as a couple.
  • As they became more relaxed in their sexuality, they also became more adventuresome, more playful. That especially took a leap when, on one of the last nights at her place, Wes pulled open her bedside table drawer when Tracey asked him for some lube and pulled it out far enough to see her collection of sex toys in the back shadows.
  • "Oooh, what's this?" he asked her holding up a two-pronged device. It was a bit odd-looking to Wes but not to Tracey; no, it had been a wonderful friend to her in those times before she and Wes became intimate.
  • She laughed her sparkly laugh and told him, "Oh, it's a vibrator, a sex toy. Surely you've seen these before. That's for the clit," she added pointing to the small side tip with two little soft fingers on it.
  • "Well, let's see how this works," he told her as he pulled her knee aside. "This turns it…oh, does it ever," he exclaimed as the wand came alive, buzzing in his hand. He reached it over and her hand stopped him.
  • "Here, silly, wet it first," she told him as she slid the larger arm in her mouth and then handed it back to him.