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Chapter 48

  • Of course, a few other things got suspended or modified, the gazebo was now just a place to have chairs and a table for a refreshing warm afternoon and their at-home attire became real attire. It was a small sacrifice, of course, for they wanted his mother to be as well cared-for and content as possible.
  • It was about six weeks after that devastating news, Wes got another phone call from the CEO of his largest, most important customer.
  • "Hello, Wade, how are you?" he asked expectantly, for with a customer this size, there could always be bad news coming.
  • "Great, Wes, just great. I wanted to tell you that I'm flying to Frankfurt tonight to sign all the papers for the buyout and called to let you know you'll be getting more business from us. We would like to upgrade them in a timely manner but it's also not an urgent situation. I'll have their people begin working with your European staff for a full change-over as soon as the ink is dry. You folks have done a good job and we're getting more business now than ever before because of your enhancements. It's right that you'll be rewarded for your fine work."
  • "We certainly appreciate your kind words and your support, Wade, your people are easy to work with and I think we have an excellent relationship from top to bottom; that's important."
  • "Yes, it is and, again, Wes, we look at your company as a key player, an important strategic partner for us."
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