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Chapter 47

  • The motions were smooth and fluid as they came together then parted. She was kneeling there, open enough that he speared right into her as he came forward, then pushed back with his hands on her upturned butt only to glide forward again penetrating her so wonderfully yet again, over and over, silently, smoothly; oh it was good, so good.
  • "Oh, wow, that feels so wonderful," she moaned so softly. They went on like that for a few more minutes, then Wes had another idea.
  • "Just stay in the same place but move your hips around in a circle."
  • He hung suspended behind her, deeply connected so wonderfully, as he bounced just a bit from the spring adding a motion neither had expected but one that both thought quite arousing. Wes dropped his head back as Tracey moved so sinuously between his outstretched legs.
  • "Oh, hon, that is just so good," he moaned as his body slowly oscillated behind her.
  • "It is, oh, it is, yes, yes," she panted as waves of cold and hot raced over her, her body trembling with delight as Wes took her hips pulling them tightly together as he throbbed, emptying deep inside her.
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