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Chapter 46

  • Not everything connected with the business was on the rise, they had one customer recently file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and it looked like they would get very little compensation for the nearly one-hundred and forty thousand dollars currently owed them. A bump in the road, but one offset by other, more welcome events.
  • Wes and Tracey were still experimenting with the swing he'd mounted in the workout room and Wes often mounted Tracey when she was mounted in the sling. It took a bit of preparation getting the straps just right but once done, then the odd-looking contraption made things quite fun for the two of them. She even gave him a challenge: to figure out how he would fit in the swing and have sex with her.
  • We know by now that her husband loves a challenge and he, on his own, one afternoon, tried arranging himself in the straps and imagining how and where Tracey might be for it all to work. Wes didn't become a founder of a successful middle-sized company by being unimaginative and his mind took on this new problem, a fun one for a change, and turned it over and over.
  • Then, at lunch one day in his office, he told Tracey that he'd come up with a few thoughts on the subject and, if they had time this upcoming weekend, they could try them out. She laughed and told him she'd put it on the calendar.
  • This was also the week that two of the company's top people were on their first visit to Europe, particularly Germany and Austria, making calls on key manufacturers using computer-aided milling and machining equipment for discussions on how to benefit from their latest technology. They would call Wes each afternoon with an update and the news was uniformly good, they were going to be making more inroads than even Wes thought when he and Tracey first went over.
  • So, things were definitely happy around the office and that helped things be happy at home as well.
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