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Chapter 44

  • They did their chores that morning, and, after a light lunch, she asked him, "Well, if you're still interested, we can do whatever you've cooked-up with this new swing-set you've got us. So far it's more fun than I expected when I first saw it. So, come on while I'm still in the mood, big boy," and she took his hand and led him upstairs to their exercise room.
  • They were already properly undressed for what Wes had in mind, they often did the laundry and other chores just the way they slept and had breakfast on the weekends the same way; it usually led them back to bed at some point, though the newness of the swing Wes had installed drew them to the exercise/fun room as they were now thinking of it.
  • "Okay, what do you intend to do with my body?" she asked as he pushed the massage table up under the swing.
  • "Well, let's get you up in it like yesterday, okay?"
  • He held the swing out of the way as Tracey got up on the table, then began helping her into the device hanging from the ceiling. He adjusted the straps so she was mostly sitting up, like in a chair, now slowly turning as he got up on the table under her. He pulled her legs and positioned himself to be laying on the table directly under her, then realized that the most vital part of him for the success of his idea wouldn't quite reach her, so he got down and got a pillow which, this time, he wedged under his hips to raise him up so they would easily touch themselves together.
  • He scooted down just a vital inch or so, then pushed up, now connecting into Tracey hanging right over him as he began moving his hips up and down as she hung there over him, her pussy exposed and penetrated so wonderfully.
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