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Chapter 43

  • This new use of the sex swing is certainly not to say that her Sybian machine was being neglected, no, not at all. In fact she had looked up some personal stories from owners of this wondrous device and there were some who said they left off the inserts and had their husband sit down first near the front of the machine facing back as the wife positioned herself on her hubby's very own 'insert' then, as they each scooted back and forth, turned the vibration up for the both of them. She couldn't wait when she'd read that and went and sent him a text that she had a surprise for him when he got home from working a little late.
  • When he came in from the garage, she was there in the kitchen with a glass of wine waiting for him as she dressed the salad.
  • "What smells so good?" he asked and she told him it was little that she had done…a rotisserie chicken from the market and some roasted potato wedges covered with Cheddar cheese.
  • She had opened a German Riesling, a dry one, of course; they had learned to be careful in choosing Rieslings because of their wide variability in their residual sugar content, another thing their wine club experience had gained them. This was a crisp, dry one from Bernkastel-Kues on the Mosel, one of their favorite whites they always had in their cooler.
  • "So, what's this surprise you have for me?"
  • "It's a surprise, Wes, you'll just have to wait until it's time," she told him, knowing that her husband always liked to know what was coming next. "Or you won't get it," she said, convincing him to wait.
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