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Chapter 42

  • While Tracey was downstairs getting the laundry going the next Saturday, Wes was finishing up installing the newest item in their workout room, one designed especially to work out the middle part of their bodies, a new sex swing hung from the ceiling. He had no idea what his wife might say when she saw it with it's cradle and straps; he was hoping she would be in an adventuresome frame of mind but, well, it did have a return guarantee so he was prepared to take it down and send it back if she didn't want to try it out. He slid the massage table up under it and went downstairs.
  • Walking in the utility room, he asked her, "Finished my project in the workout room. Wanna come look? Maybe try it out, see if you like it?"
  • "Oh, I see that look, Wes Jameson. This isn't workout equipment is it? Is this some kind of bondage thing? You know I like some of the easy stuff but, well, let's go look at what my naughty hubby's bought now," she said as they went up the stairs and down the hall. She went in first and started laughing.
  • "Oh, one of those things. Don't you have to be a contortionist to get up in one of those?"
  • "Oh, I'll help, you know that. And the reviews sounded like it might be fun."
  • She went over to it and twirled it around, lifting up the sling and the straps, smiling at what her husband had bought now.
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