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Chapter 41

  • "You can just wear that around the house, I won't mind a bit," Wes said with his devilish grin as he leaned forward to kiss right on her two hard nipples as she smiled at him. Then she went back and came out wearing a gray silk sleeveless sheath cocktail dress that just made her look so elegant.
  • "This is for the Symphony Appreciation Gala, what do you think?" she asked as she turned her body around for him.
  • "I think every pair of eyes will be on you. It is perfect. Just sexy enough and very sophisticated. You look so beautiful."
  • Tracey, like many naturally-beautiful women, believed she was 'attractive' but it was only on certain occasions that she might think she was beautiful. Perhaps the time when she most surely accepted her beauty and reveled in it was on the lover's beach, up over Wes, sliding her bronzed body up and down on him as three couples watched.
  • It was the last full day they were there, she had become very comfortable in her skin, enjoying the warm humid air and the looks she was getting from men and women alike. Her skin, after almost an entire week naked in the sun, was toasty brown, even her nipples were a darkened pink, as she rose and fell making love to her wonderful husband for all to see. Yes, she felt beautiful and would feel beautiful again every time she recalled those lovely moments making love on the warm sand.
  • "It's all for you, sweetie," she said as she went to him offering her lips. They kissed briefly, then he told her that he would always be proud to be with her, not just for her looks but for who she was. It was then that she pulled off the cocktail dress and rewarded her sweet husband in the best way she knew possible and that took several hours. Wes's little project in their exercise room had to wait.
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