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Chapter 4

  • As happens, sex now became a central part of their time together, they still talked over supper, went to movies and took long walks, they did all that. But like with most of us, once we've become being intimate, that often grows in our relationship.
  • Their talk also became more intimate, teasing little things said on the phone or in a text or email. They reveled in making reference to things they did together or about the other's body and what the other wanted to do to their body. And in detail, lots of detail, sometimes. Yes, they've even become a bit dirty, if that's the way you look at it. Tracey, even more than Wes, was enjoying that new side of herself that she slowly let loose.
  • She'd call him, sometimes getting him in a meeting, he always looked and if it was Tracey, he always took the call, that tells you something. If he was in a meeting, he would tell her, she always understood, but she also would tell him just what she wanted to do to him right at the moment if she had him naked. "I'd love to suck your cock until you cum in my mouth, Wesley Jameson. Then I'd make you fuck me like I'm really wanting. So, how's your meeting?" she would taunt him. Poor guy. He didn't dare stand up. She told him these exciting things and he quickly learned that the next time they were alone, she would likely fulfill her sultry promise, fully and lustily. But, he did have to sit through the meeting with all that on his mind and in his pants.
  • She had changed the most, now feeling quite comfortable in her sexuality; their intimacy and love did that to her and both were getting closer to declaring that love.
  • April twenty-second. That's when it happened. Nine-twenty-three in the evening. At least for Wes. His body was over hers, he was arching deeply down into her, his cock emptying in loving release as he said, "I love you, Tracey, I love you so much."
  • Words seem to rarely trigger orgasms but these did. Her whole body froze, then just went electric with passion and ecstasy as his words echoed in her head.
  • "Oh, oh, uuh, mmm, I…I love you, too…Wes…I love you so much, mmm," she said breathlessly as she locked her ankles behind his back keeping themselves lovingly and deeply coupled. She wanted his cock deep inside, to stay while those words echoed in her mind. They stayed that way for a time, neither knew how long, their kisses were so loving and soft, they were feeling permanence now, a link together, even more wonderful than the one connecting their bodies while they held one another. He finally slid his cock out of her as they snuggled together in a new way, her fingers softly wrapped around his slowly-softening length.
  • Their next lovemaking followed their declarations of love; it was slow and amorous and gentle except for the ending which showed them both there was a lot beneath their caring for one another. It was a lovemaking ending with fucking, pure and simple. These words of love had begun a new understanding, neither one had really ever felt this way about anyone before. A few of Wes's closest associates, the one's who'd started with him in the venture, sometimes kidded him about his initial aloofness with their waitress that night that now seemed ages ago. But he took the kidding, after all, he had Tracey Phillips, that was enough.
  • Now they knew they loved one another, that landmark was passed and new ones were ahead.
  • Wes was already thinking about having Tracey move in with him. He was renting a house, a three-bedroom house, with lots more room than her small, one-bedroom apartment. It just made sense to him and not surprisingly, he was wanting her in his bed every night.
  • They did sleep together most nights, sometimes at her place, more often at his; there was just more room. The distances to where each worked and where Tracey went to school were actually not much different no matter which place they were so that wouldn't be a factor. So, he posed it one night over a pizza they'd made…one from a ball of dough they'd gotten at the grocery along with some pesto, fresh tomatoes and parmesan cheese. It was when he poured their second glass of Barolo that he asked her.
  • "What do you think of maybe moving in here with me? It would save you some money and, well, we could be together even more?"
  • She was silent for a minute, something that a few months ago would have given him cause to worry, but now Wes knew she was just thinking things over so he waited.
  • "I…yes, it makes sense, I suppose, financially and, well, I do want to live with you, Wes. I want us to be together."
  • His hands took hers as he leaned across the small table and kissed her, a soft, lingering kiss. They both knew this was a large step in their relationship, it was a commitment, a deeper commitment, to one another. It was one they would shortly celebrate quite enthusiastically in his bedroom, soon to be their bedroom, a short time later. They cleaned up the kitchen and set the dishwasher to run, then, hand-in-hand, took one another to bed, each undressing the other as they kissed the skin as it became exposed. Time wise, it was a rather inefficient way to undress for bed but they weren't trying to set any speed records; no, they were wanting new records in other, more wonderful areas like passion, lust, and fervor.