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Chapter 39

  • "That was incredible. I wanted it after about five minutes and you just kept going and going. I totally lost track of time but, wow, I feel completely drained. Come up here so I can kiss you," he asked and she leaned up and he kissed her softly and lovingly. Then she untied him and led him to their shower where she soaped him from head to toe making sure he got sparkly clean, then let him wash her down, turned off the water, dried him off, then quickly dried herself down and led him back to bed, snuggled in together and they fell asleep wound in each other's arms.
  • They slept almost three hours with Tracey waking before Wes. Her eyes watched him sleep, so peaceful, so serene. Then a flutter of his eyes and they opened and a grin came across his face as his hand reached out to feel her warm breast.
  • "Just what's on your mind, Wesley Jameson? Are you having naughty thoughts again? Such a bad boy you are," she teased him.
  • He wasn't sure if she was starting a role-play but he was up for it so he said, in his most contrite boy-voice, "Yes, teacher, yes, Miss Phillips, I have. I've been bad."
  • Of course, she picked right up with, "Now, Wesley, are these thoughts some of those bad ones you've been having about me? I've told you I won't tolerate that."
  • "Yes, ma'am," he said bashfully, "I can't help it. Are you going to punish me?"
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