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Chapter 38

  • So far, she thought, it looked like maybe Wes was in for some fun one of these days, maybe even this coming weekend. Then she laughed when she thought about how literal the term would be. She watched the rest, the video was just over eighteen minutes and she knew that was a long time for a guy to be held off like that but Melissa's partner surely did have a stunning finish in both distance and volume, surely a memorable event for both parties.
  • Tracey sent Melissa an email telling her she accepted the challenge and would let her know when it all happened. Just then, Wes appeared at her door to ask her if she wanted to go to lunch. She looked up at him, the video still open but stopped on her screen, and, grinning wide, she told him she'd love to join him.
  • "What's with you, Tracey, what's the look?"
  • "Oh, nothing. I'll tell you later," she told him and he said he'd swing by her office about twelve-thirty and they could pop out to their favorite little Thai place just two blocks away.
  • By then, of course, Wes, with so many things on his mind these days, had completely forgotten that sly grin of hers and that was fine with her. She had her plans.
  • On Friday night they had gone to a banquet/fundraiser for a children's reading initiative that they were very supportive of and had come home late tired from a long week of work and quickly went to bed and to sleep.
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