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Chapter 37

  • Tracey heard the garage door open and, a minute later, close. She knew she was so ready, she'd mentally prepared herself for him, that their remaining evening, though short, perhaps, would be long on passion and romance. Then she heard him on the stairs.
  • There he was, framed in the doorway, grinning at her, as he began pulling off his clothes while she swept the sheet away for him to enter their bed.
  • Soon, he was the way they both wanted and he slipped in beside her, taking her in his arms and kissing her hello, sensing that slight sweetness of her lips. She knew she would soon be giving him a second taste of that sweetness of hers.
  • "So, how was dinner?" she asked and he quickly got that out of the way, he was, after all, ready for his dessert and was soon kissing his way down her body as her right hand rested on his hardness and her other on his head as he moved lower. She knew her preparations, mental and physical, were well worth her effort.
  • His lips and tongue were leaving a damp and excited trail that she knew was headed for her wonderful intersection and she spread to welcome him. Wes shifted into the space she had opened for him and dragged his tongue down to her navel to linger there circling a few moments, then lower until he sensed the faintest traces of sweetness in her moisture.
  • This man had savored his wife many times and, tonight, there was a new and pleasant nuance. He eased her open with his fingertips and tongued deeper into the sweetness she had hidden inside which he was now enjoying almost as much as she was.
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