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Chapter 36

  • Melissa and Tracey had found each other again on one of the social media sites and Tracey had reminded her of some of the sexual escapades Melissa had told her about back in the day. Melissa, it seemed, at least back then, was quite the experimenter, sexually, with a rather long line of boyfriends and girlfriends with whom she'd had a wide variety of amorous adventures.
  • So, once they linked back together it didn't take Tracey long to ask her about her sex life, knowing that it was probably going to be pretty steamy stuff. Tracey was rewarded by a torrent of emails describing some of Melissa's exploits since college as they went back and forth with emails, instant messages and phone calls.
  • Then, one afternoon, she got an email from her college friend that said, "Oh, did I have fun last night. I'll tell you ll about it if you make me a promise? You have to do what I did to the guy I was with and do the same your husband. You have to do the same thing to Wes."
  • There was a gauntlet thrown down, Tracey thought, as she typed back, "Depends on what it is. We're really not into pain, torture, super-weird stuff like that."
  • "No, I was a good girl last night, just a little light bondage. He loved it," came right back.
  • "OK," she sent and Tracey now waited for her rather wild friend to tell her what she must now do herself.
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