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Chapter 35

  • "Why don't we go back out and finish our drinks, then I know a motel not far from here, maybe you could be a sweetheart and get us a room," she said sultrily. "And you should call that sweet wife of yours to tell her you're gonna be a just a bit late," and she gave him a squeeze and tucked him back in his pants, zipped him up and they returned to their stools where he dialed the motel and got them a room, finished their drinks, Wes paid, then he followed her car to the motel.
  • He went in and got a room, came back out and she followed him around to the side of the building where he let them both in with his card-key.
  • "Room one-oh-six," he said as he opened the door, holding it for her to enter as he patted her nice butt as she walked in.
  • "This should do, I think," she said as she turned to him and pulled him close, kissing him deeply as she gripped his butt pulling them tightly together as she rubbed her front over him. They kissed for a minute or two as she brought one of her hands around, snaking it between them to take measure of his interest which was quite apparent.
  • "Mmm, let's get naked, Roxanne is ready for you and for this," she said sultrily as she squeezed her fingers. They separated and were quickly out of their clothes as he asked, "Any favorite positions, Roxanne?" His eagerness was apparent as she looked down at him.
  • "Um, yes, thank you for asking. I'm really in the mood for a nice doggie-fuck tonight," she said as she knelt up on the bed, her feet apart and dangling off the side, as he moved close, touching her with himself, moving to just the right spot then pressing forward as she relaxed to take him in.
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