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Chapter 33

  • Yes, she was having fun with her husband, she loves these times when they were relaxed with one another enough to be silly and sexy at the same time. Then, she decided to begin pulling up on him over and over using both hands, pulling and pulling until his hips pushed up off the table and spurts of his white, sticky semen came fountaining up over and over, falling onto her hands making them even slipperier sliding over his happy length.
  • "Uuh, uuh, mmm, oh, Tracey, you are the best. Oh, man, you sure know how to make me feel so better," he groaned and she bent over and gave him a long, deep kiss while she kept a hand moving slowly, wanting to keep the feelings alive for him. She did love him so.
  • Tracey took a towel and wiped him down, they had found that a shower wasn't always needed when they used oil for massaging and that toweling off left a little oil on the skin which didn't stain the sheets but did keep the skin soft and supple. She helped him off the table and took him to bed where they slept deeply and peacefully.
  • The business continued to grow and about six months after the scare of losing their largest customer, Wes again got a call from Wade Driggers.
  • "Wes, I'd like to have lunch with you this week and before I go any further, I want you to know that it bodes well for you and your firm. So, there's no concern about that. What's your calendar look like?"
  • They arranged to meet on Wednesday and Driggers gave him a final reassurance before he hung up, telling him that he had only good news this time. Wes still didn't trust the situation enough to tell any of his managers, not even Tracey, and went out on Wednesday to meet with his largest client.
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