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Chapter 32

  • So, phone sex became a constant in their fun and play with each other. Also were certain items of apparel, the Internet was today full of evocative things for a man or a woman to wear to entertain and titillate their partner.
  • Tracey even had a dresser drawer set aside for her hot, sexy underwear and other little items of wear to entice her mate to mate with her. Though it never took much tempting on her part, parading around the house in a quarter bra and thong panties or some with a quite wonderful strategic opening bared to her hubby always brought about the desired result. Every time.
  • She also had several outfits in the back of her closet. The nurse one that she was wearing was one, there was also a schoolgirl uniform for when they were feeling really kinky and even a Bat Woman costume that she had modified herself for a special surprise a few years back. When she dressed in her schoolgirl outfit, Wes was usually the teacher or, on special occasions, the school principal. Oh, she might even be punished on those occasions. But never too hard, no, Wes would never spank her pretty bottom beyond reddening it just slightly. And she loved it.
  • She'd never told Wes but dressing-up as a schoolgirl was her favorite form of role-play, she especially loved the play-spankings and it thrilled her when he would order her to her knees to service him for being a bad girl. She loved being that bad girl and their concluding sex was always multi-orgasmic for her. He always knew that and would pace himself to give her at least two climaxes, often three. They even had an old, rather worn, school desk in their workout room that, no doubt, made a few of their friends wonder about. But Tracey loved her school principal making her bend over the backrest so he could take her from behind as he rubbed to soothe her pinkened cheeks he had reddened.
  • But this night, she was the nurse-in-charge of reducing this dangerous swelling he was having. The procedure had to be done just right, that was why she was doing it, she had not only special training in relieving these swellings, she told him but she also had a special gift for removing the fluid build-up that causes such swelling.
  • Yes, you can see, they have fun together, it's not all work with these two, and right now, that was especially evident.
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