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Chapter 31

  • Brad walked out of Wes's office, came over to him and said, "An intern. Someone they had hired for the summer, the code had been changed and we're off the hook," he told his boss as they hugged in relief to the conclusion of this brief but anxiety-ridden episode.
  • "He said Wade Driggers will call you tomorrow but we are definitely off the hook for this. It was their fault, plain and simple," Brad told him and they got the people together and told them, then sent them all home with the food and gave them the next day off.
  • Then, of course, Wes called Tracey and told her as he was getting ready to leave.
  • "Looks like we figured out the problem and it was on their end. Seems an intern might have changed a line of code or something. Our copy, the one we retained, works perfectly. So, we're out of the woods, hon. I am so relieved."
  • "Well, come on home. I can fix you an omelet and you can tell me all about it," she told him and he was soon in his car driving home, breathing normally for the first time since lunch, seeming so long ago. He breezed home, happy now after so many gloomy, tense hours, and when he went in from the garage, she met him with open arms.
  • "I was so worried about you, all the stress and worry. But, now, it's over and you're home and I can take care of you," she said kissing him.
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