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Chapter 30

  • Business had always grown, never shrunk, in his experience, now going on seven, almost eight years. But now this could change. And, it was mostly out of his hands, he thought, sitting there feeling helpless. Helpless for the first time in his business career.
  • Tracey had been one of the people he called in to tell of the disturbing news and he told all the people just go about their normal business except for the group that handled the client, they were to begin reexamining their previous work.
  • So, while Tracey really wanted to be with her husband at a time like this, she knew she was also a part of keeping things appearing normal and went about her usual workday as if nothing had happened.
  • Around four o'clock, Wes's phone rang and it was Wade Driggers.
  • "Nothing yet, Wes, we've eliminated a good bit of the system that looks okay but it's going slower than we'd hoped. I just wanted to let you know."
  • "Can we supply any people? Maybe do some of it here?" he asked, wanting to help solve the problem and get his largest customer back up and running.
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