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Chapter 3

  • As she settled back down, Wes moved over to kiss her and his kisses began to move, first to her throat and neck, lingering there, kissing, licking as he went. Then down her chest as his tongue circled her nipples, taking in each one, sucking gently while his hand explored further down as she widened for him, wanting his touches. His hand slid lower now, rubbing the wetness between her legs, the wetness that prepared his way to enter her. She knew and she wished and she was getting just what she so wanted as his kisses went to her stomach with his tongue circling in her navel, then on to her abdomen.
  • Next he sat up and shifted over in between her thighs as she widened open for him. The first touch was a soft kiss, one that she'd been wanting so much. Then his tongue softly lapped up and down her fleshy labia, spreading her juices along with waves of euphoria as their love affair entered a new and wonderful and crucial new chapter of their lives together. It was to be a phase in their being together, a more intimate, more physical step along their path together; an exciting, thrilling one. Of course, it always is.
  • Then he began furling his tongue in his oral caresses to her pussy, sending shock waves of deep, trembling pleasure all across her energized body, now so eager for their first coming together as lovers. But Wes had a slightly different goal, he wanted to bring her to climax first, before they had their full and deeply intimate congress.
  • Tracey was quickly losing any initial shyness she had about opening herself so literally to her boyfriend, now becoming her lover. She had planned for this Sunday in March and it was even better than she'd dreamed.
  • She had her eyes closed though there was a small flash of a thought, a somewhat naughty thought, for many nice women like Tracey have just the smallest bit of naughtiness deep inside, that she wished she had a mirror on her ceiling. She wanted to watch him kissing her so intimately. Such a thought certainly doesn't qualify her for slut status but some of her more recent thoughts might if she'd acted on them. Yes, her lover was giving her all kinds of notions and feelings as he explored and pleasured down between her thighs.
  • He wasn't the first man there, of course, Tracey knew what to expect when they went back to her bedroom; he was, she knew, the fourth male in her intimate life. But, right now, only one counted. Only one made any difference and what a difference he was making.
  • We've all had sexual pleasure, sometimes in large measure, sometimes in small. But Wes, right at that moment, was giving her a climax that truly shook her world as she began to tremble and shiver, then, it was her whole body that froze; just everything stopped for Tracey. Soon the world restarted again but now speeded up as wave after wave of life's purest pleasure washed over her as she cried out to her lover.
  • "Oh, Wes, oh, you've…I'm so happy, you're…I'm…it feels incredible," she panted breathlessly, her body quaking, her mind reeling. Her whole life changed in her bedroom that afternoon. Perhaps you don't think sex, wonderful sex with someone you're falling in love with, can change your life but it does and it has for millions before Tracey Phillips and Wes Jameson.
  • And wonderful sex was what they had in her bedroom that day, happy, passionate, athletic sex. He was a wonderful lover, making certain she was ahead of him in all things that afternoon. He tenderly stroked and touched and kissed and licked her body to an almost frantic state before they finally came together. She was just four or five minutes into their first union before her body convulsed in a volcano erupting in passionate pleasure.
  • It had always taken her much longer in the past but no lover had so prepared her body and her mind to such a thrilling and passionate degree. She already loved so many things about her new lover and here was another, one of life's most wonderful joys, and he knew to take the time, not to rush things. It was another reason to offer over her heart to this man. Their afternoon was so wonderful; it began an equally wonderful evening, they even cooked together, being careful not to spatter anything hot, for even though they were wearing aprons, they'd remained naked and playing with each other; it was just more fun that way.
  • She loved her new lover's long, meaty cock, playing with it, kissing it and giving it loving sucks as he, too, explored her wonderful body on this first time together so intimately. He'd already fallen in love with her firm, full breasts, now, it was more, that smooth, plump pussy of hers that led inside where more wonders awaited. Wonders he wanted again and again.
  • What became evening moved into night, back in her bedroom and Tracey easily talked Wes into staying the night, setting the alarm early so he could get home in time to change for work and she could ready herself for classes.
  • That night, after some vigorous lovemaking, while they held each other, their skin aglow everywhere it touched, both had thought of love, particularly the word, love, more than the act. Each was now becoming sure they loved this person in their arms and wondered how much courage it would take for them to utter the word to the other. When they were deeply connected, Wes in Tracey, they both felt it the most though, still the word was left  unsaid.
  • A lot happened to them that day but the words, "I love you," weren't part of it. Still, it was a stellar day in their lives, both separately and together, truly together, linked so intimately.