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Chapter 29

  • There would be people that they knew, people at their office, friends from their college years, parents and relatives, who would ask them how their fifth anniversary trip was. There was no one they could tell the whole true story to, no, it was just too adult-rated for fully describing to others. But they now had their own delicious memories for their work-filled days and months ahead. They both knew what they did together that wonderful week and it was never forgotten, not for a moment. It was the sexiest, most passionate time of their lives, certainly made able by the money they were making in the business that Wes had founded and that Tracey had helped grow. It gave them a lifestyle that offered them the opportunity to experience sensual pleasures that few might readily enjoy and they gave themselves to it as much as they could. They knew that life, in its many forms, would come back just as soon as they left this carnal paradise and returned home.
  • And, finally, leave they must do to return to their life as it was before this memorable interlude, returning to a mixture of work and love with more hours devoted to work than to the pleasure of one another. 
  • They did bring back a treasured memento of their time together in this tropical wonderland as Tracey began to feel those signs of a new life deep inside her body. Before she told Wes, she went out and got a test kit and as soon as she confirmed her pregnancy, she told Wes and the first thing they did was put away the Sybian as it was made clear in the instructions. 
  • But they had their memories and their swimming pool and the wonderful gazebo.
  • So, now, they felt different; they knew that they were no longer just a couple, they were a family and it added a depth to their lives that was subtle but pervasive. They were now together not just for themselves but for their first child.
  • It was the first week in August, a Wednesday, when it happened.
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