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Chapter 28

  • Rising back up, she squirted more oil on his back and below, dripping some down between his buttocks as her hands swept over him going lower and lower. Now, taking her turn at something new, she pulled one of his knees aside and draped her fingers down in the valley and smoothed the oil down along the sensitive opening making him wince in pleasure. She rubbed there for a few minutes, giving him more pleasure than he'd expected, then wiped her hands on a towel, pulled his knee further open, then dripped a little oil on the wrinkly sack below and softly rubbed it in as she kissed and licked along his glossy back.
  • Her fingers slid softly feeling the two firm objects inside that held his manhood's essence, his juice of new-life itself, knowing that she would soon empty him so pleasurably. But, she kept moving just as he had and went down his legs onto his feet which she manipulated, rubbing and easing the arches one at a time.
  • Then she had him turn over and she began applying oil to his legs, working her way up his body, rubbing, stroking his skin, moving her hands and fingers all around higher just brushing against the most obvious place she saw, then on up his abdomen and chest where she rubbed his nipples and then, adding more oil, swiped her breasts back and forth across his chest, then softly kissed and tongued his mouth as her hand rubbed his abdomen, then slipped lower.
  • Next she moved halfway back down his body, leaned over and kissed his tallest part…right on the end which now had a small milky droplet excitedly showing which her tongue swept away.
  • She lifted the bottle over him and drizzled a stream right onto the head so it ran down the length of his cock, swollen with anticipation. She had him really engorged, the veins stood out and even throbbed with his heart's thudding pulse beat. Her left hand held him straight up as the fingers of her right rubbed around the glossy, bulbous tip, spreading not only the oil around but spreading delightful, tingly feelings all throughout her husband as her fingertips circled around and around.
  • "Like this, sweetie?" she asked him, knowing, of course, what his answer was likely to be.
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