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Chapter 26

  • "Have you guys been to the workout room?" Rich asked and they said they hadn't. "Well, they've got massage tables and all the stuff, oils and lotions and all, and they really don't supervise it so you can give each other any kind of massage you want. We're going there after lunch to try it out."
  • "Sounds fun," Tracey said and Mandy told them about watching a couple giving each other massages, complete with happy-endings like they'd read about in stories.
  • "They just went on about their business just like we weren't even there. But, they did know we were because they would each smile at us as the other rubbed and massaged. Oh this one was X-rated, for sure."
  • "I think we'll have to try that ourselves. Right, hon?" Wes asked and he got a quick agreement by her shaking her butt back and forth as he knelt behind her moving slowly. The four of them were greatly enjoying themselves on the beach as the soft, humid breezes washed over their bared and enlivened skin.
  • Tracey looked around, seeing four couples behind her watching the four of them, and one woman said, "If we're bothering you, we'll leave you four alone. It's just that you are all so beautiful making love this morning that you're quite irresistible."
  • "It's okay with us," Mandy told them and Tracey agreed so they stayed until both couples uncoupled after giving their best to one another.
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