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Chapter 25

  • People walked by yet hardly paid attention. But our two couples were becoming lost together in their lovemaking under the stars. By now, Tracey was hardly moving in the swirling water, using her muscles to entertain them both as she clenched and relaxed on his cock's length over and over while they kissed and tongued each other.
  • "Mmm, feels so good, hon, you are just the best," Wes groaned as Tracey kept flexing on him while she took small movements up and down. Then her strokes became longer until she let out a gasp and plunged down on him, taking his cock deep, twisting and squirming, getting him deep inside her as her whole body seized and seemed to melt in the warm, bubbling water.
  • "Oh, Wes, umm, wonderful, so wonderful," Tracey groaned as she now began moving to bring him to the heights of sexual bliss. "Come on, Wes, mmm, do it, I want you happy, cum in me, let's make that baby," she whispered softly as she moved over him. His hands were on her hips guiding her in pleasuring him and pleasure him she did.
  • "Uhh, umm, mmm," he groaned as she felt herself become slipperier inside as Wes released his cum deep into the woman he so loved. She sat there on his lap, so wonderfully filled with him, slowly kissing while she massaged him inside.
  • Wes and Tracey had heard groans and gasps from their new friends across the tub and knew that all four were now happy and mellow from their lovemaking.
  • "Mmm, that was good. Did you two have a good one?" Mandy asked over her shoulder.
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