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Chapter 24

  • "She's right that I won't be forgetting it," Rich laughed as all four clinked glasses, now having something rather naughty in common to share.
  • "Hey, congrats," Wes said to them both, "now that you've done it, it should be easier next time."
  • "Yeah, well, we were wondering if you two would like to have breakfast with us in the morning, then maybe Tracey and I'll treat our hubbies to some morning sex on the lover's beach. Might be fun to watch each other," Mandy said and there was agreement all round as they moved to the bar to replenish. They had another drink together, then decided not to wait until breakfast as they all four went into the dining room for supper together.
  • Mandy was wearing a sheer white silk shirt, open down the front, as her dress and she got her share of attention around the room. After they ordered drinks, the first thing Mandy asked Tracey was, "Have you ever dressed like this before. God, it takes some getting used to."
  • "No, not a lot," Tracey told her, "but you do get used to it and the way you look, Mandy, you've really got nothing to hide."
  • "Oh, you don't either. It seems our table is getting some looks but maybe it's for these two hunks we're with?"
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