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Chapter 22

  • "Come on, let's go up, I want to see yours," she teased him reaching down to feel over his hardness.
  • "Why wait?" she said as she pulled her top off, handing it too him and reached around to unclasp her bra, sliding it off, then giving it to him.
  • "Now you see them. Maybe we should go upstairs so you can play with them. And we can see what else might come up," she laughed as she turned to go back inside, the skin of her breasts aglow with the warm tropical breeze caressing them. But she wanted that from Wes.
  • As soon as the elevator doors closed, she got her wish, his hands were on her as soon as they began to move. The car stopped at the third floor and the doors opened as a couple got on, a naked couple, who smiled and said hello as Wes decided to keep his hands to himself until they got to their room. They opened the door and went right over to see the view from the two French doors that went out onto a large balcony overlooking the ocean. There were quite a few people along the beach and in the water as Tracey turned to him and they kissed each other welcome to their second honeymoon.
  • Then she began taking off Wes's shirt as they stood outside, finally getting his belt and pants and boxers off. Then he got her slacks off, seeing that she wasn't wearing panties underneath. On his knees, he leaned forward to kiss her, then looked up, saying, "Naughty girl, no panties, I may just have to send you to bed."
  • "Let's just take these off and use them out here," she said, pointing at the chaise lounges on the balcony as she dragged a cushion off and got down on it, spreading open for him. He looked down, realizing that the people at the resort would expect to see naked people on their balconies, then knelt down to see that they were pretty much hidden from those on the beach, so he moved up between her legs and pressed his hungry cock forward.
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