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Chapter 21

  • It was lovely for Tracey, after all, what she now had inside her was attached to the man who loved and cherished her, it had his blood flowing through it as it caressed her inside where it would soon leave some of himself. And she was able to please his cock and the man it was a part of, that she so loved to do. She knew the machine would never, ever replace her wonderful and loving husband; she thought he was certainly confident to give her such a sex toy and not have any fear of him being displaced by a machine, even one as powerful as the Sybian.
  • "I hope that thing hasn't spoiled you, Trace. I know I sure love us together like this."
  • "Don't ever worry, hon, if anything that machine makes me want you even more. You've got nothing to worry about in that regard. Now be a nice hubby and make wifey a happy girl," she asked as she dropped her head down to her arms.
  • She wanted so much to please Wes, to thank him for always wanting her to be happy; he was just the perfect husband and she wanted her body to thank him deeply. Then he pushed hard into her as she felt a wonderful warm infusion of his erupting cum filling her depths as he held himself deep, deep inside her body. He kept going, not knowing if she was close or not, and soon he began hearing her soft moans until he felt her pussy grasp him inside, her spasms telling him that she was pleased and happy.
  • "Oh, Wes, mmm, oh, I love you, I love you so much" she gasped and pulled off him, turning around to kiss him so passionately as his semen ran down her thighs. They kissed there for a while, naked, out in their back yard, on the gazebo by the pool in the dimming light. They went in, hand in hand, and made grilled cheese sandwiches, then up to bed for a cuddle and more loving.
  • Tracey went to work the next day and the days after that. It wasn't that she'd tired of the Sybian, no, she now had Wes operating the two controls and he was becoming a master at giving his wife astounding orgasms and while he did that, he stood in front of her as she gave him an orgasm as well. They really loved being together like this, her being fucked by the machine, him sucked by his sexually frenzied wife as she sat so pleasurably on this amazing fuck machine.
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