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Chapter 20

  • She turned the vibration up again, now almost three-fourths of the way up as the motor growled on while she leaned again getting the full force of the intense buzzing on her love button. Her face was red and warm, her nipples so tingly as she pinched them while her whole middle shook and trembled over this fantastic machine with its cock deep inside her, cocks that you could change out depending on what you were wanting. The day before she'd never heard of it, today, she'd never forget it. She pressed her hand to her abdomen and could feel the motion inside her, turning and turning.
  • It droned on as she began to even feel lightheaded. The fan was cooling her perspiration, thankfully keeping her from overheating, as suddenly, without any warning, her whole body seemed to freeze and she even thought just after that she might have partially lost awareness as feelings of euphoria swept her over and over. The machine's cock kept her body in a frenzy until she could twist the controls back down.
  • She sat there impaled on the device, sensing it in her as the fan helped cool her and dry her skin. She reached down and put some vibration back on, not really waiting. She wanted more.
  • But first she settled herself down and cooled off.
  • Right then the phone rang and she looked and it was her sweet Wes.
  • "Hi, hon...I'm still alive," she told him between breaths.
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