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Chapter 2

  • Well, well, he thought as he looked back down at the note and the pretty, violet-inked handwriting. Tracey Phillips.
  • Wes remembered she was attending college, a marketing major he thought. So he put the note on his desk until after lunch thinking that she might be in classes during the morning and that afternoon would be the best time to call her. And, yes, he was interested. There was no denying that.
  • Then, about one-thirty, he called her number from his cell phone rather than the handset on his desk.
  • "Ah, Wes Jameson, how are you today?" she answered in her bright, cheerful voice, bringing a smile to his face.
  • "I'm great. I want to thank you again for the way you took care of us last night, you did a great job."
  • "Why thank you, it was my pleasure. I take it Jeremy gave you my note?"
  • "He did. And you've certainly attracted the attention of the guy holding your note. It's in my hand right now. So, how do we go about getting to know each other better? I usually work days and, it seems, you go to school and work nights. Now that we have each other's attention, how to we go from here?" he asked. She certainly had his attention, the memory of her petite body bringing his table food and drink the night before was etched permanently in his mind, it seemed.
  • "Well, I do work some nights, Wednesday through Saturday, usually, which leaves Sunday to Tuesday free for getting to know people I'd like to get to know. And there's weekday and weekend afternoons."
  • "Why don't we plan on doing something on Saturday during the day? I'll do my laundry tonight and have Saturday free. How about lunch, then we'll see how we want to spend the rest of the afternoon? When do you need to be at the restaurant to begin your shift?"
  • "At five, so that would be fine," she said and she gave him her address and he said he would pick her up at eleven-thirty on Saturday morning. She made it simple.
  • Did Wes Jameson feel something special about this? Yes and no. Tracey was pretty, very pretty with a delightful manner about her. She was bright and bubbly, intelligent and well-spoken, just about all the things you would look for in a friend, including a girlfriend.
  • And his feeling of no? It had more to do with the level of involvement that he had in his business at this stage, a very key transition they were going through with their customer base moving more into long-term contractual commitments with them. It was something that took a great deal of Wes's time and thought and strategizing. And the company was his. Sure he had some key people, even had given them shares in the business. But it was his baby. And, really, his girlfriend, if you wanted to look at it that way.
  • Of course, with the business, the sex might not be much but he was committed to growing the venture and he knew there weren't twenty-five hours in a day.
  • So, Wes was really torn about just how much he wanted to involve himself with this young woman. Yes, she was so pretty, even beautiful in that fresh and vibrant All-American-Girl kind of way. Tracey Phillips was really something. And not shy. He liked that, truthfully, he did.
  • Tracey Phillips didn't leave his mind during the days and hours leading up to Saturday morning; oh, he was busy, there were meetings and customer visits, of course, even a crisis or two. But this young woman kept herself in his mind like a wisp of soft floral scent, there in the background, but there, nonetheless.
  • Then, Saturday came and he parked in front of her building and went in to find her apartment. He knocked and Tracey swung the door open, smiling her bright smile and said she was ready as she stepped out. They chatted about this and that on the way down to Wes's car, a 2014 Honda Civic that had begun showing its age. He felt he needed to explain to her that he had everything in his business and that the car ran fine and all but she didn't care in the least for she was liking Wes Jameson even more. And for himself rather than what he owned or drove.
  • He took Tracey to a little bistro not far from his office, one that he knew was good and, on Saturday, being in a predominately business district, would be less crowded. He wanted time with this interesting young woman. He gazed at her smile all through lunch, enjoying hearing about her classes and such, answering her questions about his business, even Tracey giving him a few ideas about marketing to a broader potential clientele.
  • She was a woman of ideas in addition to simply charming his socks off. Unknown at the time to him, she'd set her sights on him as women have been known to do and he was intrigued with what he saw and heard. They finished, he paid the check, making sure he left a generous tip, and they went off to a small museum he knew nearby to spend the rest of their time together. They both were greatly aware of the clock slowly moving toward five o'clock and about four-twenty, she was just going to mention the time when he did.
  • "I'd better get you back, after all, you'll need to change and then drive to the restaurant. This has been fun, Tracey, and more."
  • "It has and you're right, I've got to get to work, I'll change there but it still takes a few minutes to get there."
  • So, he took her back and walked her up to her door.
  • "It was fun, really nice. I feel like I've gotten to know you a little better," she said.
  • "It was fun. You're nice to be with and I hope we can do this again. Soon."
  • "Yes, I'd like that as well."
  • "You said you had Sundays pretty clear. How about tomorrow? Would you like brunch? Maybe a movie in the afternoon?" he asked, hoping she would. She agreed and the date was set, for it was really a date, they both knew it and they both were happy with it.