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Chapter 19

  • She got the knob turned back down and sat there drenched with sweat as the fan tried to cool her heat. This was not perspiration, this was sweat, a wonderfully-earned sweat. She let herself cool, still sitting there filled, then turned the rotation knob a little. Inside she began to be caressed deeply by the rounded tip as it slowly turned.
  • No one was there but there were some soft 'mmmm's' from Tracey as it rubbed her inside so lovingly. This was delicious, she thought, turning the knob up slightly. Holding herself still, she felt the machine now swiveling the shaft up inside her as she turned on some vibration to add to it. The circling deep inside her body was so arousing, something that was new and different, something that did things to her that had never been done before, wonderful things.
  • All alone in their bedroom, she began moaning again as the feelings mounted ever higher. Her breathing became heavier, even labored, as she began panting and her sweat started running down her, sitting there, eyes closed tight. It kept working away, humming, turning, oh, so wonderful it felt until she just spilled over into a shuddering, shaking, cold-sweats kind of climax. But it just kept going. She sat there, not moving, letting the device work its magic once again. And, indeed, it did just that, tirelessly, flawlessly, just labored on until she had her fifth orgasm of the morning.
  • She twisted the controls off and pulled herself up and slowly made her way to the bathroom and peed what seemed like gallons. Then she went back in the bedroom and flopped back on their bed, softly rubbing herself, still slick with the lube and fell asleep, sound asleep.
  • It was nearly two-fifteen when she began to rouse and felt her empty stomach wanting some food so she got up and went down and had some toast as she sat there thinking about this new Sybian thing. She did know she didn't want to send it back, that was already certain. Maybe it took some getting used to, a break-in period. The motor was like an industrial kind and made a good bit of noise but, wow, it really shook your world, she thought.
  • Tracey went back upstairs and turned on the fan, then took off the large penis-attachment and put on the small one. Maybe that's what was best right now, she judged. She wasn't particularly sore but she did want to take it easy after that last one. Soon she was sliding her lubed pussy over the slippery shaft and, this time, turned the rotation on first and sat there as it moved around inside her. It started out nice and pleasant but soon took on a definite sexual tension which continued to build as the rotation went on.
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