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Chapter 18

  • Tracey had never felt anything quite like this, not ever, as the ribbed orb turned around and around inside her massaging her vaginal walls. Adding some vibration made it doubly intense up inside her as her head fell back and her eyes closed in deep, erotic enjoyment. She just let it slowly circulate as she sat there, her hand on her lower abdomen actually feeling the thing moving inside her, making her feel so very good. She left the controls alone, just let the Sybian machile run slowly, methodically, as her whole self became electrified until it was like her body simply began to melt into a warm pool of the purest pleasure there could be. There was no explosion, no sudden release, no falling to earth. No, it was in slow-motion, unctuous, thick, creamy, a simply fantastic orgasm, unlike any other.
  • And it stayed and stayed and stayed as the ball circled round and round. Orgasms had almost always peaked and faded away for Tracey and, well, the rest of womankind, but this thing just kept pleasing. She just sat there gripping the leatherette top as her mind marveled at this amazing device beneath her.
  • But, it did begin to fade, not quickly, but she did turn down the control and pull herself off the device, bending over to kiss the ivory-colored ball on top.
  • Then she put the largest accessory on the machine, looking at its length and girth, realizing that she had never had a man inside her that size and that it was larger than anything else she had in her personal drawer by her side of the bed. She stood there looking at it, taking its mental measure, so to speak, wondering if she should mount this one or not.
  • Right then, her cell phone rang as it sat on the bed stand and she picked it up and looked at the caller, 'Jameson, Wesley.'
  • She clicked it on, saying even before he could start, "The lady of the house is busy right now making herself crazy with a new present from her sex-mad husband. Please leave a message or stay on the line for the panting, drooling, dripping woman of the house."
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